At Pest Control London we have been dedicated to the residents of London and beyond for well over a decade. Our seasoned team of professional pest technicians has been ready 365 days a year and 7 days a week to offer you our exceptional exclusion and proofing solutions at an affordable cost paired with an incredible warranty that will ensure customer satisfaction for years to come. All of our seasoned professionals that are part of the wonderful crew at Pest Control London all are licensed by the Ministry of Environment and all are insured against unforeseen circumstances during a job as well as protect our customers to ensure that strict guidelines and regulations are followed through and through. We have the best arsenal at our disposal and the most potent collection of formulations available so that our technicians can do their work undisturbed and effectively without being held back. Our technicians are truly one of the best the industry has to offer and we have countless homeowners and business owners that can vouch for us. Call us now at 226-777-0956 , and let us know how we can help you!

Bed Bugs

At Pest Control London we offer a comprehensive bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs completely inside the property. Our seasoned experts have multiple years of experience in the complete eradication of bed bugs throughout London and neighboring cities. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced to deal with any extent of an infestation easily. The technicians at Pest Control London can tailor and adapt their treatment strategy with flexibility and are happy to accommodate your needs whenever possible. The formulations that we employ during our extermination process are environmentally-friendly and safe to use around others. Before we begin the treatment, we might ask you to bag and stow away items for a quick and efficient treatment. If you have any questions regarding our process feel free to give us a call, and we’ll put your mind at ease.


Hiring a professional mice exterminator is a guaranteed way to rid your property of mice. Our seasoned team consists of licensed, trained, and experienced technicians that have gone through all the motions to become the best in their field. All of our technicians have profound specialized knowledge of the behavioral patterns of mice which would make it a challenge for the average DIYer. The formulations and the tools that we employ during our comprehensive mouse control treatment are of a high caliber that offers no equivalent in your conventional DIY stores. Paired with the knowledge and the experience, our treatment is a guaranteed way to eradicate all mice from your property. Contact us now and we will walk you through our process.


At Pest Control London we aim for the complete eradication of all cockroach presence throughout residential and commercial properties. We do this carefully through strategic planning by determining and locating the entry-points along the whole perimeter of the property. An interior inspection is also conducted to determine the level of the infestation so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. After finding all the entry-points that consist of holes, cracks, crevices, and structural gaps, we then discuss and present the photographic evidence of the entry-points. We also will give recommendations to strengthen areas of the property that seem prone to infiltration. The next phase involves applying the formulations to the areas that will yield the highest result. We may have to drill a hole to get the formulation behind walls to create maximum reach. In the first weeks, you may already notice a decrease in roach presence. Next, we will get to the sealing and proofing of your property to prevent any future infestation! If you have any questions about the process feel free to give us a call and we will give you a detailed rundown of our process.


Throughout the London area, our wildlife control technicians have offered comprehensive exclusion solutions to families as well as businesses whose house or business has been breached by squirrels. Squirrels regularly break into attics to look for warmth and shelter. Once they make themselves comfortable, they enter and exit their newly found nest to look for food and water during the early hours of the day. The situation worsens when there are babies involved, which means that you will see an increase of feces and urine scattered all over. It does not take long before your attic becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases and bacteria that all have a chance to infect the occupants of the property. Our technicians are trained and licensed to remove these squirrels permanently ethically and safely and prevent them from re-entering the property again with commercially grade tools and contraptions. At Pest Control London we will guarantee you fast results within a few weeks.  


Raccoons have been a regular pest for years throughout London and surrounding cities. It is not strange, considering we have all facilities to accommodate them on a long term basis. While raccoons seem like silly whimsical animals most of the time, they can do a lot of serious materialistic damage once they enter your property by forcing their way in through. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, which means that they are active during the night on the hunt for food and water. They do not have the most sophisticated palates as they will eat everything their stomachs desire at that particular point in time. They regularly scour dumpsters and garbage bins for their next means, using their paws to gain access to their feast. Raccoons carry diseases and viruses with them which can lead to negative consequences for the residents residing in the property once they are exposed to their urine or feces. This calls for immediate action to reduce the chances to get infected and to call professional wildlife control services to have them removed safely and ethically. Call Pest Control London for a free consultation or to book an appointment.

At Pest Control London you can call us at anytime to resolve your rodent and bug problems. We have the crew, the tools, and the formulations to free your house from unwanted visits and can make sure that it will not happen again with our solid proofing solutions so you won’t have to think about a single pest ever again. In addition, we have you covered well after our visit without our exceptional guarantee. If any work of ours in breach within the specified coverage time, we will come back and redo the work free of cost! Call us now at 226-777-0956 and do not hesitate to ask us any questions! At Pest Control London we send pests packing!