Squirrel Removal London Ontario



Squirrel removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, bat removal, and services are covered. All our professional and affordable services that including exclusion services are backed by a guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

Squirrel Removal London Ontario

At Pest Control London we are proud to give our neighbors a full humane and safe removal service for squirrels and for other wildlife that roam the London region and beyond. Our wildlife removal service is affordable and sees quick results in just a few weeks’ time. Our wildlife technicians at Pest Control London are fully licensed and experienced professionals in handling the most sensitive situations. Our wildlife technicians have gone through extensive training and can adapt to any situation. We conduct an extensive inspection of the property to determine and locate the position of the squirrels in question after which we will give recommendations and discuss viable solutions before moving on to the removal process. 

Squirrel Removal Process

After conducting a full exterior inspection of the property in which we seek out all possible entry-points that squirrels may exploit to enter the property, we then present our findings to the property owner. The findings include a detailed list of recommendations for sealing up entry-points and photographic evidence for clarity and transparency throughout the process. These entry-points are structural gaps, holes, crevices, and vents that are situated around the property. These entry-points need to be sealed to prevent thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs. These entry-points can easily be exploited by other squirrels and other types of wildlife and rodents as well such as mice and rats. 

To start the removal process, our technicians will strategically install a ‘One-Way Door’ based on the findings of the exterior inspection. In the majority of cases that we encounter, squirrels use one entry-point that they will also use to exit the property in search of food and water. The One-Way Door allows the squirrel to leave but not re-enter causing the squirrel to leave definitively. During the removal process, we never kill or harm the squirrel as we believe that humane and safe treatment of squirrels is our top priority. After installing the One-Way Door on the first visit, we then come for a second visit to remove the One-Way Door after which the technician will seal the entry-point with galvanized steel mesh. This ensures that the entry-point cannot be exploited again by the squirrel.  


All our technicians are seasoned experts and can determine and locate weak spots around the premises through a full exterior inspection. We carefully look for entry-points that can be breached by squirrels and present our findings to the property owner.


Once entry-points are found, we install a ‘One-Way Door’. The contraption allows the squirrel to exit the property but not re-enter. Squirrels will leave the property in a few days after the installment of the door. This guarantees a safe and humane way to eradicate squirrel presence..


After the squirrels take their leave, our technicians will then seal the entry-points with galvanized steel mesh to prevent another invasion from happening. This also ensures that other types of wildlife cannot exploit the same entry-points. We will also recommend strengthening other areas of the property as well. 

Damage Caused by Squirrels 

Squirrels often invade attics because they are often in search of a warm and cozy space to overwinter. They usually chew their way in by exploiting weak points around the property. Attics provide squirrels with the perfect amenities to make their stay as comfortable for as long as needed. Squirrels often use the attic as a nesting area to deliver their young in which creates another host of issues on its own. Squirrels typically give birth twice a year. The first time being in the spring and secondly in the fall. 

Squirrels are mostly active during the very early hours of the morning. If you hear rustling, thumping, squeals, or see roof damage you might be indeed dealing with squirrels. Our technicians will come out to perform an inspection to determine where the squirrel is housing itself before starting on the squirrel removal phase.

Guaranteed Squirrel Removal Services 

Pest Control London guarantees complete removal of the squirrels in question and uses safe and humane techniques to rid the property of the squirrels. Our technicians can use a combination of techniques and alternatives when the situation asks for it. We have resolved and excluded countless squirrels throughout the London area and continue to do so with pride. With the help of Pest Control London, you won’t have to second-guess whether the animal has left as we offer our customers viable definitive solutions. Call us now and let us explain to you the process in more detail!