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Bed Bug Exterminator London

At Pest Control London we offer long-term solutions that can guarantee the eradication of pest presence throughout the property. We treat residential properties as well as commercial properties. We are proud to employ safe and environmental-friendly formulations that have no impact on the health of people and pets and the environment. All our technicians are fully licensed and trained to deal with any situation presented to them. Additionally, they are seasoned professionals that can adapt to any situation and offer alternative solutions when the particular case asks for it. Moreover, we regard the safety of our technicians and our customers as one of our top priorities while discreetly providing long-term extermination and proofing solutions. We are proud to be at the forefront when it comes to your pest problems to bring every case a good ending free from pests.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs

There are a few indications that might point out a bed bug infestation. Catching bed bugs in the act are not one of them as they like to stay tucked away until humans are fast asleep. People might wake up as something that resembles mosquito bites on the arms, legs, and face. Bed Bugs rely, on what is called a blood meal, to feed themselves. They feed on the ‘host’ every five to ten days. You might find brown dark stains between the mattress, these can be remnants of blood stains from bed bugs. Another indicator that points to bed bug presence is a hard one to spot unless you keep your eyes peeled for small transparent shells that look like bed bugs. Finding a pile of them might point out to a heavy infestation as bed bugs ‘molt’ their exoskeletons multiple times from birth to adulthood.  

signs of bed bug infestation

Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs make their rounds every 5 to 10 days to feed themselves. They like to stay close to the host and frequent places where humans sleep or relax the most. They can mostly be found between the seams of the mattress or on couches quietly tucked away till it’s time to strike when humans are sound asleep. It is interesting to note that bed bug, however, comes in direct contact with the bloodstream and does not actually transmit any known diseases or viruses. However, the psychological toll from having insects suck the blood out of you can be an unpleasant lingering thought that can lead to many sleepless nights.

The Danger of Bed Bug Infestation

As far as the transfer of viruses and diseases is concerned, the bed bug poses no imminent threat. Even though the bed bug is in direct contact with the bloodstream the only negative outcome is that the presence of bed bugs might cause allergic reactions to the skin and cause rashes. It might trigger allergic reactions for those who have asthma. The psychological tax from having bed bugs at your property is not a pleasant one. Having bed bugs can lead to sleepless nights that can spill over into professional and private life. They can easily infest clothes and cause the wearer to have paranoia or suffer from phantom sensations, much long after the total elimination. 

Professional Bed bug Extermination

At Pest Control London we offer a comprehensive bed bug treatment that eliminates the complete bed bug presence inside the property. Our seasoned experts have multiple years of experience in the complete eradication of bed bugs throughout London and neighboring cities. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced to deal with any level of infestation easily. The Technicians at Pest Control London can tailor and adapt their treatment strategy with a lot of flexibility and are happy to accommodate your needs if possible. The formulations that we employ during our extermination process are environmentally-friendly and safe to use around others. Before we begin the treatment, we might ask you to bag and stow away items for a quick and efficient treatment. If you have any questions regarding our process feel free to give us a call, and we’ll put your mind at ease.

At Exterminator London we stand behind our safe and efficient treatments that have been consistently successful time and time again. When we step into your property our focus goes immediately goes to how we can immediately take care of the problem in a time and cost-efficient way. After all, we are here to help you declare your house pest-free. When one of our technicians gets deployed you are assured to be in the presence of a well-seasoned expert with years of experience under his or her belt. Our technicians have gone through extensive training and are licensed professionals that have the profound knowledge to deal with any situation that comes their way. We have been helping families and businesses across the London region and beyond to send pests packing. Will you be the next one we will help?